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I'm Dr. Jennah Miller, ND

I believe that when a woman is healthy (really healthy), there is absolutely nothing that can stand in her way. I work with weird, wild, and badass women in co-creating their own brand of vitality and wellness. Women are not just small men, and this is not one size fits all health care. Your health care should be as unique as you are. 

Whether it be slaying PMS and regulating periods or optimizing energy to grow your business, I work with you to create an individualized treatment plan that you can truly call your own. Join me, and let’s get you feeling like the unstoppable heroine you truly are. Because #girlpower never goes out of style. 


What I offer

I connect the modern urban woman with wellness by teaching her how to embrace wildness. I empower the feminine within all women through nutritional and lifestyle counselling, acupuncture, and botanical medicine.


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Female focused medicine

Dr. Jennah Miller, ND is a Toronto based Naturopathic Doctor who understands that women are not simply small men. She believes in a female centered healthcare model that empowers women, and allows them to feel heard and safe while working through their health concerns in a sustainable way. She has a private practice operating out of the vibrant intersection of Yonge and College in downtown Toronto. She works alongside her patients to make them feel like the vivacious heroines they truly are. She is a demolisher of period cramps, champion of self care, and bad plant mom. Above all, she believes that you are worth your own time. Every. Single. Day.